Rhododendron  'Marcel Menard'
Rhododendron 'Marcel Menard'

Evergreen shrub. Flowers purple in may-june. Height 2m. Position in su

Rhododendron  'Moerheim' Hybrid  Zp (b) 2  5/13
Rhododendron 'Moerheim' Hybri...

A dwarf evergreen shrub with dark green leaves that turn maroon in win

Rhododendron  'Nancy Evans' Hybrid
Rhododendron 'Nancy Evans' Hy...

Beautiful trusses of bell shaped golden-yellow flowers, orange in bud

Rhododendron  'Nova Zembla' Hybrid
Rhododendron 'Nova Zembla' Hy...

An evergreen shrub with rounded clusters of funnel-shaped, deep red fl

Rhododendron  'Percy Wiseman' Hybrid.
Rhododendron 'Percy Wiseman' ...

A compact, evergreen shrub with clusters of funnel-shaped, peach-pink

Rhododendron  'Ramapo' Hybrid
Rhododendron 'Ramapo' Hybrid

Beautiful clusters of funnel shaped violet-blue flowers produced in ab

Rhododendron  'Red Jack'
Rhododendron 'Red Jack'

A large evergreen shrub with red flowers from april to june. Height 3

Rhododendron  'Scarlet Wonder' Hybrid
Rhododendron 'Scarlet Wonder'...

A semi-dwarf evergreen shrub with clusters of funnel-shaped, bright sc

Rhododendron  'Scintillation' Hybrid
Rhododendron 'Scintillation' ...

An evergreen shrub with dense clusters of funnel-shaped, pale pink flo

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