About Us

The company Kerryflowers ltd.now trading as Shanahans Garden Centre was established in 1974 giving us over 40 yrs.experience in the business. Initially we grew vegetables mainly tomatoes but quickly switched to propagation and production of trees, shrubs,fruit trees,vegetable plants, bedding plants etc. As expansion took place we commenced stocking hardware as well as a complete range of garden accessories.

This was established as,and continues to be a family business,with the family becoming involved from a very early age.They have all received third level horticultural qualifications from various institutions mostly in the U.K.such as writtle college and hatfield university as well as practical skills from Hilliers nurseries and London golf course. The company has also a policy of continuous upskilling of staff.

Our slogan The Blooming Best reflects our ambition to attain the highest standards possible in both the quality of products which we sell and the technical information we give to our customers. Over time we have upgraded our facilities to a high standard by way of expansion with new and improved display areas and a vastly increased stock range especially garden accessories. We are also mindful of environmental issues such as collection, in large tanks and a reservoir, of all roof and storm water,as well as the installation of an efficient underfloor heating system using a wood burning boiler fuelled with forestry thinnings from our own plantations. We also bale and recycle all cardboard and polythene packaging.

The creation of this web site is just another step forward in the use of modern technology to give the public a better and more advanced service and to underpin our competitiveness and sustainability. Our Motto will still continue to be The Blooming Best in the delivery of service,quality,price and technical advice to our customers.

Hope you enjoy browsing.        
John Shanahan B.Agr.Sc.Hort. mg.dir.